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    Welcome to the world of Zen Coaching!

    Zen Coaching is a powerful, effortless coaching method and life approach that supports a profound inner journey, beneficial action and authentic relationships with others.
    We offer individual coaching, workshops, seminars, webinars, video courses and the certified coach training in Zen Coaching.

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  • What is Zen Coaching?

    Zen Coaching is a powerful approach to living, with a set of understanding and principles for how to support ourselves and others in coming home to our true nature, grow as human beings and to live and act from that recognition.

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  • Zen Coaching

    Zen Coaching is offered as individual coaching sessions, workshops, webinars, seminars and as a coaching method in the Zen Coaching Training. It is also a supportive inner approach and style of self-coaching that can be integrated as we live our daily lives.

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    • “What I particularly loved about the way the teachings were carried out, was that there was no teaching/talking about something. The meeting was the teaching, so to say, which makes the whole workshop an extremely powerful and «present» experience.”

      Hanne Pedersen
    • “My greatest benefit of Zen-coaching was to learn how to cut through behavioural patterns and emotions, and go straight to the heart of the matter – our present unfulfilled needs! This is done within an environment of trust and mutual respect.”

      Tom Engeskog
    • ‘Kåre creates an atmosphere of trust and safety, and what for me is so magic: a space with no expectations of performance. He demonstrates – effortlessly – that it is safe to just BE – that our presence in itself is transformational, and that we all are this Presence. What a gift.’

      Nina Martins
    • ‘I really enjoyed the lightness and joy of the learning process which was communicated to us through the teacher’s attitude.’

      Jannicke Wiel
    • ‘I am delighted to experience how fast one’s state of awareness can be changed from being totally involved in a spinning mind to find the place of peace inside. Zen coaching is faster in this respect than any other conversation technique I have experienced.’

      Jannicke Wiel
    • ‘I feel stronger, softer, more open and vulnerable, and more in contact with my needs.’

    • “The training has helped me to be with what is, not trying to use  strategies all the time to avoid feeling what is alive in me at  the moment. Seeing my thoughts (ego, superego) for what they  are and wake up to the realisation that they are only thoughts  and not my true self.”

      Daniel Obed 
    • “I realize I am consciousness and everything is arising in me – body, thoughts, emotions, heaven and hell, war and peace”

      Linda-Mari Nordsvan
    • “After the course I find I am more relaxed and have greater access to my joy, strength and vulnerability. I have greater trust in myself and in life in general”

      Marianne Strand
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