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  • Mistakes

    Mistakes By Aneta Antkiewicz, Poland There are no mistakes or exercises done wrong on the Zen Coaching workshops. What mistake has been persecuting us since our childhood? I can see that I make fewer and fewer mistakes in my life. Instead I make choices and follow them as my life unfolds. Is it difficult to […]

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  • Key to True Change

    Key to the true change By Aneta Antkiewicz The true change comes so naturally that is barely even noticed. It doesn`t follow attending the workshops, studying the theories and methods, reading the books, collecting the titles and levels in education, not even being influenced by someone`s charisma. Which way to the authentic change of ourselves? I […]

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  • Can you learn empathy?

    By Aneta Antkiewicz The empathy in Zen Coaching is not a communication technique but a deep and heartfelt way of being in a real life. I was encountering empathy in many places, but it is the empathy in Zen Coaching that has a special place in my life. It has the quality of a kindness, warmth, […]

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  • Stop Living a Compromise – Interview with Kåre Landfald

    By Patrycja Załug   Patrycja Załug: We are meeting at the end of the year and I know, that as a coach you love asking questions, so what was the question that was the most alive in you this year? Kare Landfald: The most alive question lately has been how to live my daily live […]

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  • Live, love, learn, laugh: Are we willing to ask the tough questions in life?

    By Kåre Landfald   What are we here for? What are YOU here for? What is your deepest aspiration, your most alive intention for this moment, and for this life? My main intention for this year is to live each day aligned with my truest intentions, my deepest aspirations, as much as possible. And also: […]

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  • What is most important? An interview with Kåre Landfald

    Interview with Kåre Landfald  Please find link to the interview in Swedish here. Interviewed by Eva Areskog What is most important to know and live when it comes to living a rich and satisfying life? This is a very big and interesting question. A huge question. I would say that for me it is about […]

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  • Why Coaching?

    by Raphael Mabo One question that I often get: Why coaching, what’s the point with it, and can you not do without it? As I see it, we have a society today that has a high density of impressions, we live much beyond ourselves in that which is around us. We receive a lot of […]

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  • Words, words

    by Aneta Antkiewicz I appreciate words if they anchor me in the present moment. I lose my interest to them when they take me away from reality. When I was a child and then a teenager I was reading books passionately. l have still kept a great respect to them. When as an adult I was […]

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  • The friend that comes in peace

    by Hanne Pedersen “To be loved is to be recognized as existing” – Thich Nhat Hanh Do you know the experience of standing face to face with the realization of a dream and at the same time holding yourself back from that experience? It is a most painful split. You long for love, you long […]

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  • Stop and Relax

    by Tine Vindeløv STOP AND RELAX – YOU’LL BE MORE EFFECTIVE An interview with Tine Vindelov by Patrycja Załug, trainer, coach & owner of Institute of Transformation and co-owner of the Women of Success Academy The main goal of Zen Coaching is supporting us in recognizing our true nature as consciousness. What does that mean? What […]

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