5 Master Keys of Zen Coaching – Evening workshop

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Date(s) - 01/06/2017
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

UNLP – Institute for communication and personal development


5 Master Keys of Zen Coaching
workshop with Kåre Landfald, Norway

What does it take to release the amazing power of joy and creativity living within? Most of us are living with constant voices of the inner pusher, critic and perfectionist, who operate from ’should’, ’must’, fear and obligation. Believing in these messages blocks the joyful flow of life. We are also trained to reject unpleasant emotions and strive for pleasant emotions, instead of receiving life openly, as it is, moment to moment, allowing the present moment to guide us deeper.

How can we benefit from surrendering and opening to life as it shows itself, moment to moment? How can we connect more deeply to our inner center, our source, in each moment? How can we effectively transform pain, suffering, stress and inner disconnection to ease, flow and spontaneous expression? How can we support others in the most effective way as coach, therapist, friend or partner?

Zen Coaching offers simple and powerful coaching tools based meditation, mindfulness and spiritual-psychological principles, that can be applied in all circumstances to support inner connection, creative action and contribution to others.

The workshop will contain:
– talks

– inquiry exercises

– guided meditation

– questions and answers

Benefits will include an experience of, and tools for, deeper self-connection, inner peace, healing old pain, reducing stress, living from the heart and inner motivation, and deeper connection with others.
This will be a condensed and powerful introduction to the essence of Zen Coaching. It is suitable for anyone seeking deeper inner connection and/or powerful tools to support others.

Come learn 5 powerful keys for Effortless Transformation into our true presence, with Kåre Landfald, Norway, founder of Zen Coaching.

Place: UNLP – Institute for communication and personal development, www.unlp.nl

Time: 1 June 2017, 18.00-21.30. Please come 15 minutes before

Cost: 30 EUR. Please pay cash at the door.

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