Deepening Training: Advanced Coaching Skills 2 – Understanding and Transforming Fear

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Date(s) - 11/04/2017 - 14/04/2017
All Day

Kärlingesund Retreat Center




At Kärlingesund, with Kåre Landfald

Starts: April 11 2017 at 16.00
Ends: April 14 2017 at 15.00

This event is for those that have completed the basic Zen Coaching Training and is taking part in the Deepening Training Program 1. 

What stops us from choosing and living what we truly desire, day by day and year by year, is fear. But what IS fear? And what do we mean when we say that ’fear stops me’?

It is not quite true to say that fear stops me; it is rather I who stop myself by focusing on threats rather than possibilities. Fear is essentially a mental process, where I envision or think about a possible and undesirable future (often a worst-case scenario) and then feel contractions and discomfort as a result. I then perhaps take these sensations as a signal to not take action, to avoid the situation — which in turn may strengthen the negative focus, since I don´t get evidence that I can tackle the situation, while continuing to feed my body with negative thought patterns.

When I am fully in the moment, and not giving energy to such thoughts, I do not experience fear. My body might be mobilized for self-protection, but this is life energy or excitement, rather than fear.

In this module we will explore the nature of fear, see how it operates in people´s life, and learn and practice powerful coaching tools to support people to move from fear to clarity, trust, strength and courage – and thus live fully the gifts they have the chance to live in this life.

We will also see how old shocks and traumas keep us trapped physically and mentally in a fear-based mind-set, and learn basic principles and practices to deal with shock and trauma.


Please find all the dates of the Deepening program at the end of this text.


The content and exercises will be mostly new compared to the previous Deepening Program. When similar topics are explored, new aspects of the same topic will be explored. We will work with a mix of meditations, exercises, inquiry work, talks and other practices to support your process.

The program as described here may be adjusted as we go along, to allow the unfolding Now to operate through the program. As such, the program description here is a broad intention rather than an exact program.


Cost for one program

The cost per module in Sweden is 5 800 SEK (including VAT) including room and board (double room); a total of 17 400 SEK for a full program of three modules.

Discount if you commit to one full program

If you commit to one full program, three modules, when signing up you receive a discount of 500 SEK on the course fee on each module.

Discount if you take part in both programs in Sweden

If you join both programs in Sweden, the second program costs 4 100 SEK including VAT per module, including room and board; total 12 300 SEK for the full program.

Discount for non-Scandinavians

Due to extra travel costs, participants from outside Scandinavia receive a discount of 1500 SEK per module for one program.

Special room choices

There is extra cost for single room at Kärlingesund (limited availability of single rooms).


Please register for the whole program directly through the Online Form or alternatively send an e-mail to

WHAT IS THE DEEPENING PROGRAM?The new Zen Coaching Deepening Program consists of two parts. Each part consists of three modules of three days each. You can choose to join one of them, or both.The two programs are:

  1. The Personal Transformation Program (offered in Sweden)
  2. The Advanced Coaching Skills Program (offered in Sweden and Poland)

As the titles indicate, the main focus is different in the two programs. One is focusing more on your personal process, and the other more on enhancing and deepening your coaching skills and capacities.

However, the transformation program will deeply support your coaching skills, and the coaching skills program will deeply support your personal growth process. We cannot learn advanced coaching skills without engaging our personal process, and taking part in the transformation program will profoundly support your coaching capacity.

Each program will include a program for home practice, mutual support, inquiry work, and other exercises, that you can choose whether to take part in or not.



As I see it, most of us need continuous reminders, inspiration and support to stay on the path of presence, understanding and love in an ongoing way. The Deepening Program provides such support. It will also help you deepen your skills and capacities to support others in the role of coach, colleague, partner, friend or family member.

In addition, the Deepening Program provides a place to connect profoundly with others in the network, establish bonds, experience community, make friends, and find ways to support each other in manifesting your gifts and talents in the world.

Awakening to our essence as Presence happens in an instant (THIS instant!), as we shift from focusing on our experience itself to the BEING in our experience. This is the essence and key to the instant result and satisfaction of Relaxing Into Being, or Relaxing AS the Being that we truly are, moment by moment.

When we have realized this, why then would we need repeated retreats, trainings, reminders and practice? It is said that also the Buddha continued to practice every day for the rest of his life, after his great enlightenment.

This can be understood in many ways, but for me one important aspect is, as Almaas describes, the need we have in our personal growth to EAT, DIGEST and INTEGRATE our personality structures and conditioned habits into our essence or Being.

This is how we become more and more integrated and embodied and stable in our realization of Presence. This is the process of growth, maturation and deepening, and of living our wisdom in real life, more and more.

And this is a life-long practice, that requires ongoing and dedicated commitment. The Deepening Program is designed to support this dedication in practical ways, and also to keep the flame of the commitment and inspiration alive.

The Deepening Program is also an opportunity to keep growing in your coaching skills and capacities. To be a great coach, dedication to continuous learning and development is necessary. I love to keep deepening my own understanding of the coaching skills that I already have, and learning new tools and skills. I recognize that there is, and will always be, a lot of things where I can develop further and learn more. This is a great part of the joy of working as a coach for me – the endless opportunities for growth and learning.



You can certify as a Level 2 Coach (Senior Coach) in the Zen Coaching Network after completing 24 days of Deepening Training, and completing practice requirements.

The three main benefits of this are:

  • your learning and growth will be larger and deeper by engaging fully in the process in this way.
  • your potential clients will more likely recognize you as a fully professional, well-trained, experienced and dedicated coach.
  • opportunities for work/contribution/collaboration within the Zen Coaching Network will be larger (for instance, if you would like to teach parts of the Zen Coaching Training, Level 2 Certification is an important element).

See separate guidelines for certification. Participation in earlier Deepening modules is included in the 24 days.

Dates for Deepening Program, 2016-2017


Advanced Coaching Skills 1

Coaching into Essence  – Sweden

  • 22-25 March 2016 – Kärlingesund, Sweden
  • 1-4 April 2016 – Warsaw, Poland

Advanced Coaching Skills 2

Understanding and Transforming Fear

  • 21-23 October 2016 – Warsaw, Poland
  • 11-14 April 2017– Kärlingesund, Sweden

Advanced Coaching Skills 3

Relationship and Conflict Coaching

  • 21-23 April 2017 – Warsaw, Poland
  • 14-17 September 2017 – Kärlingesund, Poland


Personal Transformation 1

Compassionate Communication

  • 25-28 March 2016 – Kärlingesund, Sweden

Personal Transformation 2

Strength, Will and Individuality

  • 10-13 November 2016 – Kärlingesund, Sweden

Personal Transformation 3

Exploring your Dark Side

  • 14-17 April 2017 – Kärlingesund, Sweden