From Stress to Freedom and Flow – Free Zen Coaching Webinar

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Date(s) - 03/04/2017
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


From Stress to Freedom and Flow – The Zen Way of Coaching

With Kåre Landfald

Monday April 3 at 20.00-21.30

How can we find Ease, Peace, Freedom and Flow in the midst of modern living? What does it take to live in deep contact with ourself in everyday life? What is the basis for authentic, creative and harmonious relationships?

The complexity, pressure, information load, change and pace of life feels overwhelming for many of us. How can we break the habits of fear, stress and disconnection, to discover the joy of flow, creative expression and contribution to ourselves and others in daily living?

The workshop will contain:

  • talks
  • inquiry exercises
  • guided meditation
  • questions and answers

Benefits will include a deeper understanding of the roots of stress and fear, tools for transforming fear, and ways to shift from stress to flow in everyday living – the master key to a fulfilling life.

This will be a condensed and powerful introduction to the essence of Zen Coaching.Come get a taste of Zen Coaching and learn life-changing tools and principles, by Kåre Landfald, Norway, founder of Zen Coaching.

This webinar will be in English and translated into Polish.