The Power of Yes – The Zen Coaching approach to life and living

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Date(s) - 03/06/2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

UNLP – Institute for communication and personal development


The Power of Yes – The Zen Coaching approach to life and living

One day workshop with Kavina Thorslund, Sweden, Senior coach

Welcome to a full-day workshop with the topic of finding our Yes to life. Every time we resist, or don’t accept our current INNER situation, we start an inner war that we can’t win. It is like fighting with life, and life is always bigger than us. The inner stress and tension that follows this war will also be displayed on the outside, as we might start sharing our inner conflicts onto our environment as negativity, bitterness, victimhood, exploding emotions, complaining etc. The world we see right now is partly a symbol of that inner conflict, of not being able to contain, sense or take responsibility for our feelings, needs and longing.

This workshop is in invitation to stop this inner fight, to come to peace inside and to allow ourselves to have all of our feelings, reactions and needs in each given moment. It is all about allowing us to be who we are and rest in that place. From acceptance and allowance, we can look back out on our lives and see what we might want to change and what is ok to have as it is. Not from a place of fight, but from a true sense of self-love.

This full-day workshop will contain:

  • inspiration on the topic of finding your “yes”

  • experiential exercises, “inquiry” and sharing with other participants

  • guided meditations

Benefits will include a deeper sense of peace within, as we can stay present with and allow what IS in this moment. Resting in and acting from our Being. When we stop the fight against life in any given moment, start accepting our reaction and response to it, we can make more powerful choices because then we don’t act out of resistance, fight or struggle, but from a true alignment with life.

This will be a condensed and powerful introduction to the essence of Zen Coaching. Come get a taste of Zen Coaching and learn life-changing tools and principles.

Place:   UNLP – Institute for communication and personal development,  Schipluidenlaan 4, AMSTERDAM,

Time: 3 June 2017, 10.00-17.00. Please come 15 minutes before start.

Cost: 100 EUR (150 EUR for business invoices)

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