Zen Coaching – Deep Healing and Transformation

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Date(s) - 13/10/2017
4:00 pm - 10:00 pm




A transformational evening with Kåre Landfald

Welcome to a profound, nourishing and transformational evening!

“The most important thing is to find out what is the most important thing.”
– Shunryu Suzuki


What is most important for you? What are your deepest longings?

During this evening, you will learn and explore simple and powerful tools to support yourself and others to deep healing, transformation and presence.

Kåre will present and demonstrate the main principles and practices of Zen Coaching. We will work with guided meditations, powerful inquiry exercises, coaching demonstrations and group energy to facilitate a profound shift, transformation and expansion of consciousness on both group and individual level.

We will also explore how we can use daily life as the practice arena for Presence, and see how we can use the challenges we face in life as opportunities for growth rather than as annoying obstacles.


The root of our troubles and our suffering in life is always some form of disconnection with ourselves. The deepest solution to all problems is, therefore, a reconnection with ourselves – NOT in seeking change of external circumstances (even though that may follow after an inner transformation).

In this reconnection problems are DISSOLVED rather than solved; what before may have felt like huge problems become instead interesting challenges to deal with.

The disconnection we have with ourselves is maintained through our resistance to the present moment as it is. Our habitual resistance to unpleasant feelings, rooted in childhood experiences, conditioning by our parents and society, and basic survival mechanisms, lead us to live a limited existence based on a defended heart. It leads to lives of effort, struggle, fear, stress, body armoring, inner and outer conflicts, a sense of separation and alianation, and other emotional and physical suffering.


One Zen Coaching slogan is: showing up to what shows up. The key to peace, presence and true power is a Yes to present moment experience; a deep allowance of reality as it shows up, moment by moment. Zen Coaching is an inner approach to coaching and to life that supports a surrender and profound ”yes” to present moment experience. This means meeting our inner experiences, however difficult, with allowance, compassion and curiosity from the heart.

What is the effect of this ”yes”, this allowance, to inner experience? The effect is an immediate shift, large or subtle, from Ego to Presence, from desire- and fear-based reactions to spontaneous responses. This represents a shift from suffering to a life of trust, surrender, flow and presence.

For most of us this is not a shift that happens just once and then we can live in peace from then one. It is a shift that needs to be rediscovered and repeated again and again, gradually becoming integrated as a true understanding fo the way things are, and a way of life. After each ”aha!”, after each awakening to who we truly are, we tend to fall back again to desire- and fear based reactivity, to separation, stress and struggle.

With this process we learn how to stay open, vulnerable and honest in the face of our fears. We learn to shift from fear into trust, courage and love.


Zen Coaching is a heart-based approach to coaching that invites us to meet with compassion whatever shows up in our experience. In this embrace of who we are in the moment, our challenges are transformed, our wisdom starts to shine, and our joy and creative contribution in the world starts to flow in unexpected ways.

”Zen” means meditation, awareness, presence. ”Coaching” means providing support through presence, powerful questions, deep listening, and loving challenges. Zen Coaching supports empowerment through re-connection with our true nature; with our inner and inexhaustible source of strength, power, peace and compassion.

Venue: Eastern Spirit – Biyunacademin, Stockholm. Johan Enbergs Väg 20.www.biyun.se
171 61 Solna

Cost ; 900 SEK  (including food and drinks

Discount: 700 SEK per person (discount 200 SEK) if you come two together.

Payment: Please pay in cash at the door.

Food: Drinks and simple vegetarian food is included.

Sign up: Online 

“True intimacy with all of reality is the essence of enlightenment. This intimacy begins with a totally undefended heart. Although we crave such a way of being, we’re often afraid of it.

Most people are so disconnected from their deepest intentions that it takes them a while to find out what they are. They’re afraid to let go of routine and find out what’s really important to them. They’re not sure they’re allowed.

Reality is like a bud that keeps opening. The petals keep revealing themselves. It’s not as if that bud becomes something that it wasn’t before. It just keeps showing its potential. Reality reveals itself more and more over time. I can’t see a limit to that, since we’re talking about something that’s inherently without limit.”

– Adyashanti