You can always take part in the first module of the Zen Coaching Training – The Zen Way of Coaching – as an open workshop, without committing to the full training. If you want to continue after module 1, you are asked to commit to the full training and agree to the Training Agreement.

For information and registration, please contact the coordinator in your country or register online where possible:


Register by completing the Online Form OR
Training info and registration via email to Eva Areskog:


The Zen Coaching Training is integrated with the training in Sweden for the time being. Please register by using the link above.


Register by completing the Online Form OR
Training info and registration via email to Marta Zielinska at or Marta Obrycka at


South Africa

Training info and questions via email to Eva:



If registering via email, please include the following information in your registration email:

  1. Full name
  2. Full address
  3. E-mail address
  4. Mobile telephone number
  5. Short description of your background and motivation to join the group
  6. When you have paid (or are paying) the booking fee or the whole course, and in what name your payment is being made
  7. A face photograph of yourself (so it is easier to remember you and learn your name)

For the Training  in Sweden, please also include:

  1. What type of room you want, double or single. (There is a limited number of single rooms available, at an extra cost.)
  2. Any important food allergies you may have (so we can make arrangements-for special food during the training.)

You are fully registered when you have paid the full course fee, alternatively the non-refundable registration fee. Payment of the remaining part of the course fee is to be made at the latest 10 days before the group starts. Each module of the training is paid separately, minimum 10 days before the group starts.