• Life Topics

    Videos on different life topics with the founder Kåre Landfald. From Victimhood to Creator Attitude   Heart to Heart Connection How can we listen to, and connect with, the true inner being in each other?

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  • Approach and Practices

    A collection of videos on the approach and practices in Zen Coaching with the founder Kåre Landfald   Zen Coaching – Expanding into Now What does it mean to live in the present moment? And how can we include taking care of business, planning for the future, etc, when living in the present moment?   […]

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  • Understanding Needs

    Video talks on the nature of essential needs and longings with Kåre Landfald, founder of Zen Coaching   Understanding the Difference Between Needs and Wishes What are needs? What is neediness? How can we use needs as doors to inner strength, peace, love and freedom? How can we choose strategies and requests that help others stay […]

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  • The power of allowing unwanted feelings

    Video talks on the power of vulnerability and receiving unwanted feelings with Kåre Landfald, founder of Zen Coaching. Zen Coaching and Voice Dialogue, Part 1 Zen Coaching and Voice Dialogue, Part 2 Protection and Vulnerability   Saying yes to our most unwanted feelings   Creating that which we do not want

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  • Meeting your Inner Critic

    Videos about the Inner Critic with with Kåre Landfald, founder of Zen Coaching   Recognising and understanding the Inner Critic (Sweden 2012)   How best can we deal with that inner judgmental voice when it goes off?  (Sweden 2012)

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  • Participant Voices from the Zen Coaching Training

    Participants share their experiences during the Zen Coaching Training   A short sharing from participants after the Zen Coaching training (Sweden, 2012) Language: English   Participants share about their experience of being in the training, the structure of the training, the trainer and their personal benefits from the Zen Coaching Training (Sweden, 2012) Language: English   […]

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  • Introductions to Zen Coaching

    A collection of video introductions to Zen Coaching with the founder Kåre Landfald   What is Zen Coaching? (Sweden 2012)   What is Zen Coaching? (Poland 2013) Language: English with Polish subtitles   A short experiential introduction to Zen Coaching (Sweden 2011)   Zen Coaching, the art of listening and the skill of coaching yourself […]

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