Approach and Practices

A collection of videos on the approach and practices in Zen Coaching with the founder Kåre Landfald


Zen Coaching – Expanding into Now
What does it mean to live in the present moment? And how can we include taking care of business, planning for the future, etc, when living in the present moment?


The Sound of Silence: Choosing Noticing-space
Awakening as the noticing or witnessing of our crazy mind, being the Noticing Space for all experiences.


Shifting from Mental-Emotional Space to Our Inner Being
What would it take to choose to live from the heart?


What is the Practice of a Zen Coach?
Staying open to challenging feelings.


The U Movement in Zen Coaching (and in Life)
How can we move from ‘problem mentality’ to the space of solutions in an effortless way? What if the solutions we are seeking are in a completely different place than were we normally look for them?


The Life Wheel in Zen Coaching


Taking Action, Creating Change