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Zen Coaching offers many empowering self-coaching tools for a richer and fuller life.

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1. Key Practise 1 : 1-2-3 or Coming Home To Who I Am

This practise is the foundation of what Zen Coaching is all about. Saying yes to my experience is coming home to who I am.

2. Key Practice 2 : A-B-C of Relating
Heart-to-heart communication with three intentions.

3. Key Practice 3 : See – Be – Go 

The Principle of Creativity, Choice and Manifestation.

4. Stop, Notice, Allow 

A quick approach to be with this moment as it is.

5. The practise of Reframing 

Problems don´t exist in the world, but in our minds.

6. Exploring your deepest intention in life 

A help-tool to explore what your life is all about.

7. Empowering questions

Questions you can use on yourself or others to support empowerment and choice.

8. Facing challenging moments

Whenever you are facing any challenges, try this tool.

9. From Victimhood to Freedom

How to move out from our pattern of being the victim, into a life in freedom.

10. Allowing everything to be as it is

A key approach to Zen Coaching, how much can we say yes to the way life is unfolding in this moment?

11. Transforming judgements of others into Essence and Gratitude

Seeing the reflections the other is offering to me as a gift.

12. Resolving inner conflicts

How you can eat the cake and still have it… True win-win!

13. Quick Choice Approach

We don´t need to think a lot to make good decisions. Try this tool.

14. Living the Being Qualities we value, everyday

How to remember in our busy day-to-day lives to live what we most value.

15. Getting un-stuck from the fear-mind

Understanding and moving out of unconscious fears that are ruling parts of your life and your decisions. 

16. Forgiving myself

A healing process for self-empathy and self-love.