The Zen Coaching Wisdom Fund

Supporting social engagement for the benefit of wisdom presence in society

We are happy to announce that we have established a Zen Coaching Wisdom Fund to support coaching projects for the benefit of society. Members of the Zen Coaching create and offer these projects with the financiall support of the fund which is financed through donations, and administered by Kåre Landfald.

Purpose of the Wisdom Fund Projects

The purpose of the projects is to spread wisdom presence by offering Zen Coaching sessions to people with special needs, or to groups/organisations that work for the benefit of society. The projects target audiences that would normally not be able to pay for coaching themselves.

Project framework

  1. All Wisdom Fund Projects have a clear beginning and a clear end, with a maximum project length of 6 months.
  2. The projects are carried out by Zen Coaching Network members in a team of at least two certified coaches in cooperation.
  3. Each member of the project team is represented with their profile on the website and the project is presented here

The following types of projects will be prioritized:

  • Projects where the project team members are participating in a Zen Coaching Deepening program, and are active participants in other Zen Coaching Network activities.
  • Projects that are new and innovative (different from other projects already being funded)
  • Projects that have strong expansion potential
  • Projects that have the potential to become self-financing over time

To request support for a project: Please send a project description following the required format (available on request) to Hanne and Kåre. A response to the request will be received within 1-4 weeks. Funding will depend on the availability of funds, and according to the priorities listed above. If you have any questions, please contact one of the fund administrator (preferrably via telephone rather than e-mail.)

Fund Administration

Kåre Landfald
Phone: 00 47 – 936 79 207