Course Overview

Relaxing into Being is module 1 of the Zen Coaching Training.

We are happy that this course is now easily available for everyone who does not have the time or resources to take part in the live workshop.

This video course was recorded live at Ängsbacka in Sweden in October 2011 and includes talks, dialogue with participants at the course, and a series of powerful exercises, as well as bonus tracks and coaching demonstrations.

The video course is ideal to do together with one or more friends, which will give you a very powerful experience of the principles of Zen Coaching. It will give you a chance to discover in your own direct experience the ease and simplicity with which we can relax into inner peace, offer deep listening and powerful empathic connection, and live our full creative potential.

The course includes 12 powerful exercises that you can do yourself or together with friends, and a number of talks. The focus is on being present, and on allowing and accepting thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and everything else that shows up in the moment – leading to deep inner connection, peace and power. It also goes deeply into the art of listening and helping through non-helping.

The DVD set allows you to do the course at home in front of the computer or television.  It is best if you do it together with one or more friends. However, you can also do it on your own. 

In the manual you can see how much time is required for each part of the course. You can do the course at your own speed.

We have produced the course both as a DVD set and as an internet video download.

Contents of the full 12 hours video course

00.0    Introduction to the video
28.10 Sharing and dancing
36.17 How to do an inquiry (exercise 1)
77.37 or 01.17.37 Asking questions
84.32 or 01.24.32 Including the body
93.47 or 01.33.47 Coaching myself
103.52 or 01.43.52 Exploring Zen and coaching
123.14 or 02.03.14 Inquiring
128.44 or 02.08.44 What is it to be real? (exercise 2)
147.46 or 02.27.46 Going slow
150.49 or 02.30.49 Seeing and being seen (exercise 3)

00 Some aspects of Zen-Coaching
18.00 Remembering
22.55 Listening (exercise 4)
40.29 I notice (exercise 5)
61.34 or 01.01.34 Being qualities
90.47 or 01.30.47 The five steps
111.23 or 01.51.23 The story and the experience (exercise 6)
142.31 or 02.22.31 Why questions

00 Coaching demonstration
38.13 Two models
69.13 or 01.09.13 What is trust ?  (exercise 7)
83.52 or 01.23.52 Freedom
91.47 or 01.31.47 Exploration

00 Principles of Zen Coaching
20.54 Coaching
46.44 Sharing and experiencing (exercise 8)
83.20 or 01.23.20  Dancing playfully (exercise 9)
107.04 or 01.47.04  The story of your life (exercise 10)
118.54 or 01.58.54 The inner coach
145.51 or 02.25.51 how will this influence your everyday life? (exercise 11)
159.51 or 02.31.51 What is happening now?  (exercise 12)