Why Coaching?

by Raphael Mabo

One question that I often get: Why coaching, what’s the point with it, and can you not do without it? As I see it, we have a society today that has a high density of impressions, we live much beyond ourselves in that which is around us. We receive a lot of information through our nervous system and our mind. We are continuously connected and fed with information. It’s also easy to live in other’s feelings and to not always be able to distinguish between our own feelings and others. We are encouraged in the modern society to live in the mind, to live in the intellect and thoughts, and this can create distance to our own feelings and the sense of our body. The ability to distinguish between what is thought and what is emotion, it is not always obvious.

Coaching means a focus inwards and an offering to help sorting out thoughts and emotions, and in this process finding answers. It is a pause in time and space where the client gets support to experience and explore himself. So I see coaching as a response to a n ed that has emerged because of the direction that our society has taken. It can be beneficial for everyone, like those who have challenges in life privately or professionally. It can be an exploration about relationships, work, studies, it may be about thoughts and feelings, it can be about stress and confusion, there may be sorrow and sadness.

The basis of coaching is listening support, an open conversation and a loving presence – this may be experienced as healing itself. On this basis, we focus inwardly, looking at the thoughts, feelings, we communicate with the body and open up to our subconscious to give us answers, solutions, insights, understanding and action. It is not the coach who has the answers, all answers are within you as the client. The coach is opening up a room, a space for exploration and for finding your true nature and inner essence, and a support to living and expressing your truth in the world.

Raphael Mabo

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