Words, words

by Aneta Antkiewicz

I appreciate words if they anchor me in the present moment. I lose my interest to them when they take me away from reality.

When I was a child and then a teenager I was reading books passionately. l have still kept a great respect to them. When as an adult I was searching for help and answers to the key life questions, I run on books with trust and hope. I was discovering again and again interesting theories and accurate explanations of the reality. I was delighted: “Yes, yes, it is exactly what I mean”, “Yes, now I can understand, at last” and … nothing in my life could get off the ground. I was feeling sadness and confusion then.

The turning point happened 7 years ago on my first personal development workshop. I was given an empathic listening and it was like a touch of tenderness. The next day something appeared even much more moving – there came such a moment that I felt self-understanding and self-acceptance. For the first time in my life. Then I could sense very clearly how big difference it makes when you “know” or “feel” something.

Since that time the experiencing has become my true inspiration and drive in my growing. It means for me conscious entering into the life situations and relationships with myself and the others, watching with curiosity and non-judging, sharing my personal experience and receiving that gift from other people.

I sense a huge difference between real being and talking or reading about it.

I appreciate words when they anchor me in the present moment, in my body. I lose my interest to them when they take me away from reality. I have not been attracted any more by the fascinating books, exciting theories or brilliant quotes. It is difficult to me to find a spirit of community with those who follow unconsciously the magic of words and feed their minds with them. I do trust that all the things I need for my growing are in my common life with real people. If I can more and more consciously experience connection or separation, joy or suffering it is just enough for me. This is how I feel and invite Zen Coaching to my life and practice.

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