Zen Coaching helps us in connecting more deeply with ourselves and our true source of power, wisdom and creativity. It does this by supporting us in discovering the power of relaxing into the present, and in experiencing the ease and fulfillment of living in effortless flow.

We discover how, more and more, we can respond with wisdom rather than react on automatic pilot, even in challenging situations. 
Those who take part in the Zen Coaching training learn how to discover or deepen their ability to help people transform blocks and release their potential through quality listening and simple, powerful questions.

Practical benefits

This benefits all areas of life – our relationship with ourselves and others,  success in our working life, our capacity in acting in leadership roles, our health, and much more. It also includes living life more according to our heart´s calling; living more of our true potential, with greater confidence, creativity, effectiveness and ease; clearer and more inspiring communication and leadership abilities, and much more.