Family Constellation Foundation Training, Level 2, in Sweden with Svagito

Start Time

6:30 pm

September 22, 2024

Finish Time

2:00 pm

September 30, 2024


Kärlingesund Retreat Center, Uddevalla

Family Constellation Training Level 2

– 8 day workshop, 22-30 September 2023

Teacher:  Svagito Liebermeister
Organisers: Candra Karlholm and Kåre Landfald

The Basic Training

The Basic Training is offered in two parts of eight days each for a total of sixteen days. It is a deep self-experience on one hand, while on the other hand transmitting all the basic theoretical and practical principles of Family Constellation work. In this newly designed training we will go further than ordinary Family Constellation therapy by developing an understanding that family members also represent our own inner energy. During this training we will make this shift from looking out to looking in, from being focused on others to coming back to ourselves. The world is really a mirror that shows us who we are.


Level 2: Beyond Family (8 Days)

Prerequisite: Completed Level 1

In level 2 we explore more complicated issues and their underlying family dynamics, like addiction, abortion, adoption, sexual abuse and others. We learn how to discover the family dynamics behind many illnesses and bodily symptoms, and how to work towards healing with a systemic understanding.

Participants will also begin to practice simple, solution-oriented therapeutic interventions that follow the understanding gained in level 1 and arise from watching the systemic field and the movements of the representatives. We learn more about the role and inner attitude of a facilitator of Family Constellation and how to allow the intrinsic love of a family to come through. Only then lasting solutions to many life problems can be found.

Some topics include
• Recognizing and supporting healing movements (‘movements of the soul’)
• The interview before a constellation: how to gather relevant information
• Steps to setting up a constellation
• When to end or interrupt a constellation
• The effects of spoken sentences that heal
• The functioning of systems other than family systems (such as work teams and organizations), Issues regarding money, work and creativity
• Practice of constellation work
• Constellations in individual sessions: working with symbols

The movement within the constellation that takes us ‘beyond family’ and beyond blind love to conscious love is part of an inner growth process that brings the individual in deep synchronicity with life itself, and into real and joyful aloneness.

In this training each participant will experience and understand family conditioning and has the opportunity to put up his own constellation. We will also learn by watching and taking part in other participants’ constellations. The process of this work will be made transparent as the therapist explains step-by-step what is happening within each constellation and how the source of love can be found.

Daily meditations are an integral part of this training.


When the family has been brought into its natural order, the individual can leave it behind him while still feeling the strength of his family supporting him. Only when the connection to his family is acknowledged, and the person’s responsibility seen clearly and then distributed, can the individual feel unburdened and go about his personal affairs without anything from the past weighing him down or holding him back.
Bert Hellinger (from a seminar transcript)




Accommodation will mainly be in double room. There may be a few single rooms available (400 SEK extra/night). It will most likely be possible to rent a cabin for yourself, 5 minutes walking distance from the center for an extra cost of 2.250 SEK.

We start by sharing a meal at 18.30 on the September 22nd. We will then start with a practical information meeting at 20.00. Please arrive between 16.00 and 18.00 in time to take part in this. There will be a meditation in the morning of the 23rd. The workshop with Svagito starts after breakfast at 10 am on the 23rd. We will finish at 15.00 on the 30th.




Private persons: 18 600 NOK, including 8 days room and board in double room

After booking, you will receive an invoice for either:

  • A non-refundable booking fee of 2.000 NOK
  • An invoice for the full amount if signing up after July 22nd

If the invoice is not paid within 2 weeks of our sending it by e-mail, your registration is no longer valid and will be cancelled.

Cancellation policy:

If you have paid the full amount and need to cancel your participation, you will be refunded:

  1. a) the full amount except the booking fee if you cancel at least 3 weeks before the group starts
  2. b) No refund if you cancel less than 3 week before the group starts, or if you leave the worksh
  3. c) If you cancel due to illness you will get 50 % refund on the course fee


Pay in parts:

If you would like you can split the main invoice into two parts of 8.450 NOK each after 2000 NOK booking fee is paid (300 NOK extra cost), paid in May and August

Please sign up here.


Information about how to get to Kärlingesund Retreat Center:


You can find a map on the Kärlingesund website:

(Closest airport: Gothenburg (GOT))



Svagito Liebermeister is a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher who has been a disciple of the enlightened mystic, Osho, since 1980. In his courses and training groups he combines Western therapy methods with Eastern methods of meditation and is known for his clarity and heartfulness in teaching and supporting people in their personal growth.

He holds a degree in psychology from Munich University and has been working with people therapeutically since 1981, while continously studying a wide range of therapeutic methods including Deep Tissue Bodywork, Neo-Reichian Breathwork, Psychic Massage and Male-Female Energywork, Counseling and Trauma Therapy (SE). In 1995 he began to include Family Constellation in his work, studying with its founder, Bert Hellinger, and since 2000 he leads his own training programs in this fascinating approach to therapy. His other training programs specialize in Neo-Reichian Breathwork, Counseling and Male-Female Energywork and Trauma Healing (SE).

He has trained hundreds of practitioners worldwide in the art of working with people from a space of meditation and lovingness. For many years he coordinated the two-month Osho Therapist Training Program at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, one of the largest personal- growth centers in the world. Every year, he travels extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Central and South America, offering courses and training programs in over 15 different countries.

Svagito has published three books, which have been translated into 9 languages

More information about Svagito´s work: