The Inner Reset Journey 2024

Start Time

6:30 pm

May 15, 2024

Finish Time

3:00 pm

June 30, 2024


Kärlingesund Retreat Center, Uddevalla

The  Inner Reset Journey 2024

May 15 – June 30, 2024

8 Webinars, 4 Coaching Sessions, one 9 Day Retreat


The Retreat: 9-18 June

at Kärlingesund Retreat Center, Sweden

Participation open for all, through personal application & interview

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A Zen Coaching & Amazonian Transformation Journey

With Kåre Landfald (main teacher), Ceremony Guides & Coach Team:  

Åsa Kullberg, Lisa Garson, Marta Ewa Ozenu, Robin Wallin



Coming home to deeper levels of your being

Clarifying and empowering your true priorities in life

Healing core wounds of trauma, conditioning, lack and separation

Exploring life as an unfolding adventure of presence, beauty and mystery

Living, working and relating from trust, joy, authenticity and generosity


The Inner Reset Journey is a deep inner process designed for you who are fully committed to inner growth, healing and transformation. It provides you with high-quality, personalized support to help you engage deeply in your own inner healing and transformation process for a period of 6 weeks – and to continue integration and deepening work after that period.


CONTENT: The program consists of an initial interview, four personal coaching sessions, an opening and ending online gathering of 3 hours each, 6 webinars of 2.5 hours each, a 9 day retreat at Kärlingesund Retreat Center with two Amazonian ceremonies, and daily personal practice. Kärlingesund is a magical retreat center located in a nature reserve by one of the most beautiful coast lines of the world, the west coast of Sweden.


The journey is designed to support the three main elements of a personal healing and growth process: 1) clarifying deeper longings, challenges, and personal intentions and priorities in life, 2) facing ourselves deeply and doing hands-on inner work and practice, using different modalities suited to specific needs,  capacities and life situation, 3) integrating and embodying new-found insights and inner shifts into daily life, work and relating.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING SUPPORT: The support during this journey will be tailored to your own specific needs and priorities. You will have your own personal coach (a Certified Coach from the Zen Coaching Network) for the duration of the journey, including four private coaching sessions.


There will be daily practice of meditation and personal reflection during the whole period, weekly webinars, and a powerful 9 day retreat which includes teachings, ceremonies, sweatlodges, breath-work, meditation, movement and Zen Coaching inquiry practice.


CEREMONIES: The retreat includes one or two sweatlodges and two powerful Amazonian ceremonies, inspired by the Huni Kuin tribe from Brazil as well as other spiritual traditions. The Sweatlodge(s) will be led by Åsa Kullberg, founder of the Rainbow Dragon Lodge, a shamanic school in Sweden. The Amazonian ceremonies will be led by two beautiful musicians and experienced guides in this work, who provide a beautiful, solid and safe ceremony space. The Inner Reset process will prepare you for the ceremony work and provide you with proper integration work afterwards.


PREREQUISITE TO JOIN: The Inner Reset process uses strong tools that are designed to catalyze major inner transformation. It is not a program suited for everyone. Participation is limited to 26 persons, and participation is by application and personal interview. At least some previous experience with meditation and healing work is required. You can not be on anti-depressants during this journey.


FRIENDS ON THE PATH: We are all in the same boat of learning in this school of life – this mysterious, challenging and beautiful adventure we are all part of. We who are the facilitators and coaches that support this journey are all fully commited to our own personal growth process, are we are all both experienced teachers as well as life-long students in the art of healing and transformation. We all have decades of experience with inner work. We embark on this journey as a community of friends on the path of learning, healing and growth.


EMBRACING THE LIGHT AND THE DARK: Life tends to be a dance between adventure, joy & celebration, and pain, suffering & challenges. The art is to make sure that we don’t only experience pain and suffering, but also transform and grow from and through life´s challenges. And that we also harvest the deeper insights that can be discovered through life´s blessings and joys. If we have personal growth as a priority in life, both of the polarities of suffering and joy provide ample opportunities for healing and transformation. The Inner Reset Journey will give you a chance to celebrate the joys and wonder of life, while also inviting you to face suppressed pain, suffering and challenges directly – without avoiding, turning away, bypassing or staying on the surface.


INTEGRATION: Integrating and embodying new-found shifts, discoveries and expanded inner states in daily life is not easy. Often the expansion we experience in healing work, retreats, workshops and ceremonies are difficult to maintain after a few weeks or months back in our daily life. The Inner Reset process is designed to give proper support to help integrate and embody new insights and expanded states of consciousness into daily living, working and relating.


REQUIREMENT FOR PARTICIPATION: To participate, you need to commit to take part in all of the program, which includes online events, personal coaching, a 9 day retreat, and daily personal practice during the six week process (1-2 hours per day).


The Zen Coaching approach, developed by Kåre since 2005, is based on simple and powerful practices of meditation and inquiry work in pairs or small groups, as well as heart-based deep listening and coaching.  More information can be found on this website.



  1. February-May: 30-60 min interview for interested participants
  2. ONLINE, 15 May: Opening gathering, 3 hours (6.30-9.30pm CET)
  3. ONLINE, 15 May – 7 June: Two individual coaching sessions, 60 min each
  4. ONLINE, 21 May: Webinar, 5 hours (6.30-9pm CET)
  5. ONLINE, 27 May: Webinar, 5 hours (6.30-9pm CET)
  6. ONLINE, 5 June: Webinar, 5 hours (6.30-9pm CET)


  1. 9-DAY RETREAT, Kärlingesund Retreat Center, 9-18 June


  1. ONLINE, 5 June: Webinar, 5 hours (6.30-9pm CET)
  2. ONLINE, 20 – 30 June: Two individual coaching sessions, 60 min each
  3. ONLINE, 21 June: Webinar, 5 hours (6.30-9pm CET)
  4. ONLINE, 25 June: Webinar, 5 hours (6.30-9pm CET)
  5. ONLINE, 30 June: Ending gathering, 3 hours (6.30-9pm CET)



Program Cost, including 8 webinars, 4 private coaching sessions

and a 9-day retreat:                                                                                               14 800 NOK

Accommodation and Food, nine days in double roo                                         8 100 NOK

Accommodation and Food, nine days in single room:                                     11 700 NOK

(limited availability)



Please sign up here to express your interest for this journey. Kåre will then contact you for an interview.


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