09 Oct

Key Practice 3: See – Be – Go

The Principle of Creativity, Choice and Manifestation 

This principle is a formulation of 1-2-3 with special focus on choice, action and manifestation. It is bringing to attention the always-present possibility of living in effortless flow from inner wisdom and beneficial intention, in this moment, in service of the whole.

We see where we are and where we would like to go, we allow ourselves to fall or relax into ourselves, into being or awareness, and we allow action to occur spontaneously from being.

  1. What is happening right now, inside and outside?
  2. What feelings, needs and longings are alive in me right now?
  3. What is of greatest importance to me right now?
  4. What vision comes to me about how things could be?
  5. What do I see as my most important intention(s) in respect of this moment and the vision?

Letting go of all mental actvity, resting as awareness, resting nakedly as not knowing. Waiting for the impulse from the Whole of what wants to happen. Letting Come of the spontaneous impulse to act, in the service of the whole. Allowing space for the choice and action for what wants to happen to come through me.

Allowing spontaneous choice and action to manifest through me into the world. Then going back to step 1, Seeing, and repeating the cycle.