Organised by Kåre Landfald, Zen Coaching International

The Zen Way of Coaching is the foundational element, and forms the bedrock of the Zen Coaching approach. Here we explore the simplicity and power of stopping and simply being – enjoying this moment as it is. This is followed by the active engagement of Inquiry into the present moment; looking deeply into my experience to understand it fully, and to let the natural intelligence of life unfold.

This is an open workshop and you can attend it without committing to the full training.

Welcome to explore the basis of the Zen Coaching process and it supports us in being of deep support to ourselves and others. As we relax, we also access our true, full and amazing inner potential of peace, strength, joy, love, freedom, trust, compassion, clarity and creativity.

Zen Coaching Training, South Africa
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Cape Town, South Africa
with Kåre Landfald, Kavina Thorslund, Roger Marklund, Isa Sundquist and coach team This is the first module of the Zen Coaching Training and you commit to the whole training, four modules, when you sign...

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