01 Feb

Recommended books

These books are a part of Zen Coaching Training:


  • “The Miracle of Mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • “Non-violent Communication” by Marshall B Rosenberg
  • “Co-Active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People toward Success in Work and Life” by Laura Whitworth and others
  • “Elements of the Real in Man” (Diamond Heart Series, Book 1), A H Almaas
  • “The Power of Focusing” by Ann Weisser Cornell
  • “Embracing Our Selves – The Voice Dialogue Manual” by Hal and Sidra Stone

Other recommended books:

By A H Almaas:

“The Point of Existence – Transformations of Narcissism in Self-Realisation”
“The Pearl Beyond Price – Integration of Personality into Being”
“The Unfolding Now”
“The Essence with the Elixir of Enlightenment”

“Reconciliation” by Thich Nhat Hanh

“Speak Peace in a World of Conflict” by Marshall B Rosenberg

“Attached – The New Science of Adult Attachment and how it can help you find – and keep – Love” by Amir Levine MD and Rachel S F Heller MA

“The Energetics of Voice Dialogue” by Robert Stamboliev

“The Essential Enneagram” by David Daniels MB and Virginia Price PhD

“Face to Face with Fear” by Krishnanda

“Soul without Shame” by Byron Brown

“A little Book on the Human Shadow” by Robert Bly

“The Secret of the Shadow” by Debbie Ford

“Meeting the Shadow” by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams

“The Zen Way of Coaching” by Svagito Liebermeister

“Embracing Each Other & Embracing the Inner Critic” by Hal and Sidra Stone

“The Power of Ted: The Empowerment Dynamic” by David Emerald

“Better than Sex” by Arjuna Ardagh

“Getting to Yes – A practical gluide to working with disagreements and negotiations without getting stuck in drama” by Roger Fischer, William Ury, Bruce Patton

“Attached” by Amir Levine



  1. Pippa Dowding
    March 21, 2019

    Please let me know if you have any coach training scheduled in South Africa?
    Many thanks

    • Eva Areskog
      July 15, 2019

      Dear Pippa,

      There is no Zen Coaching Training going on right now, but it may happen in the future. There are Zen Coaching events happening sometimes though. Would you like me to send your name and address to our coordinator in South Africa?

      Eva Areskog (Administrative Manager, eva.zencoaching@gmail.com)


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