29 May

Explore your fears

As a child, receiving love from our parents, and ensuring our belonging with them, was a matter of life and death. This led to us starting to live life as a constant adjusting and adapting to other's expectations, rather than listening to ourselves and following our true impulse. FEAR of loosing security, love and belonging became the yardstick for living. So we all became fear-based politicians of living, instead of a natural expression of the trust, love and freedom that we are. Most of us are, for this reason, constantly compromising our integrity and flow, running from fear or run by fear, in the service of mostly unconscious strategies for security, love and belonging. Unable, maybe, to even HEAR what our true inner impulse in the moment is - not to speak of spontaneously LIVING it.

A way out of this predicament is to explore our fears, instead of avoiding anything that raises fear for us, or blindly following the dictates of fear.

Each time fear arises, ask: What am I afraid of? What is the worst that can happen? And what fear is behind that fear? And behind that one? And so on, until you reach the bottom, the root fear. Then let yourself fully RECEIVE, FEEL and SENSE your fear physically in your body, instead of acting on it, or avoiding it, or suppressing it. After doing that for a few minutes, look again at the original situation, and feel how that is, notice what you see. Explore, finally, also what is the BEST that could happen in this situation. Discover the transformation, expansion and freedom that follows.

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