09 Oct

Key Practise 1: 1-2-3 or Coming Home To Who I Am

This practise is the foundation of what Zen Coaching is all about. Saying yes to my experience is coming home to who I am.

This step is simple noticing, especially noticing physical sensations, emotions anthoughts. We allow ourselves to notice what is going on inside, whatever it is.

Can I say yes to this experience, just for now? Can I allow this to be as it is, without doing anything with it, without mentally engaging with it, without analyzing and commenting on it, without holding on to it or pushing it away? Can I allow myself to welcome, include and fully experience this experience, even honour this experience as an expression of the being that I am?

In this step we are not making any effort. We are simply checking what is true for us; we don´t TRY to accept or allow or welcome or include, we simply notice if we can allow what is happening in us in this moment, or not.

If the answer is ‘no’, we simply check if we can allow, include and fully experience this resistance, this ‘no’ to what is happening right now.
A ‘no’ is just as good an answer as ‘yes’. We are simply checking what is true, not trying to live up to any ideal. We are honouring the truth of the moment, not trying to create any special result or state.

Step two is allowing rest instead of creating stress and struggle. This is an opportunity and an invitation offered to us in each and every moment.

Stress and struggle is an old habitual inner action of pushing away our experience, trying to get a better experience, which is not helping us live powerful, peaceful, creative and compassionate lives in the service of others and ourselves.

The key here is to realize that we are not victims of stressful thinking and stressful emotions, but that stressful thinking and the related emotions is a choice our system is making because it believes that this is necessary.
Peace and harmony, however, is better served by allowing rest right now in this moment, by simply allowing and including what is, whatever it is, without commenting on it or struggling with it.

We are already peaceful awareness, and everything that occurs is an expression of this awareness. The stress is not in what is, or created by what is, but a result of our struggle with what is, of our pushing away unpleasant experiences. All stress is our creation, a result of fighting our experience. ‘No’ to our experience is suffering, ‘yes’ to our experience is peace.